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rendezvous with doordarshan kashmir

Posted: September 21, 2007 in Blogroll

In the late 1990s the government was too much concerned over the propaganda against Indian state launched by Pakistan through its television and radio network. Therefore a strong need was felt to set up an official media network for the counter-propaganda. A platform for the promotion of local culture and a nationalist media network to reach every household of the state was, however, the reason explained by the government while setting this channel. DD Kashir was thus a part of Rs 450 crore package for strengthening Doordarshan and All India Radio capabilities in Jammu and Kashmir. For a trial run, the channel came into being on January 26, 2000 –on the eve of Republic Day. It was on June 9, 2000 that DD Kashir was formally launched in Srinagar –the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir –with an unprecedented fanfare. The launch ceremony witnessed best of local culture on the state.
Internship with Doordarshan was a good work experience as I was able to put things that we are taught in the department into practice. I did my internship for six weeks and was assigned with different tasks like editing, translation and importantly reporting. I was being given choice to opt the area in which I want to work. I clearly decided to work in news section as it is the area that I find appealing. I was therefore put under Mr. Ganai, in-charge regional news unit (RNU) Doordarshan Kendra Srinagar.. During the first week of my interns I was meant to observe the things warily and become skilled in working with the staff. I was also given the work of translating the news in Urdu.
After my first week in Doordarshan I was given the assignment of reporting. I did my first report on representation of Sikhs in the valley , it was conference held by Chinni Singh, congress president all Jammu and Kashmir Sikh minority group. After Chinni Singh concluded his speech, I asked him certain questions about the issue and tussle between PDP and Congress in Kashmir. I was new and experience less and asked questions which no media person was able to ask as their thought is already controlled since they have experience and are already entangled in the structures. My boss, after seeing my first report gave me different lesson of how Kashmir Doordarshan is different from other channels in India. How the news is filtered here is the indispensable that I should be acquainted with while working with Doordarshan Kashmir?
My next report was on role of women in society, seminar held in M.ed college Srinagar. Thereafter I did reports on
1) meeting of congress workers where Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad delivered speech to congress workers from Srinagar.
2) On role of Civil Defense in the society conducted in IMPA institute by Indian naval defense force, Nagpur.
By and large staff was very cooperative and assisted to make my uncertainties comprehensible. . The only thing that was depressing was the work culture lacking in the employees of Doordarshan. Most of the time the employees were sitting idle and just discussing their family matters and all sort of narratives. Like other government institutions in Kashmir, DDK presents very good example about the work culture of government employees in the valley.
What is my final conclusion about DDK is it a incompetent media institutions highly controlled from Delhi and structured in such way only to serve nations interest. The administration engaged all such people for making programs and other media packages who had little or no idea of what the culture of Jammu and Kashmir is exactly like, what aspirations do people espouse. Though a 24 hours channel, DD Kashmir has total program length of eight hours every day.
Same programs are repeated twice over next 14 hours. More than 90 per cent of these programs are in Kashmiri serve no purpose with more than 65 per cent of the total population of Jammu and Kashmir. That is the reason why the channel Doordarshan Kendra Srinagar itself is a failure . if it would have been reverse people would have embraced the channel as it is was the only local channel in the valley