Raoof Mir

Raoof Mir

PhD Scholar

Centre for Media Studies, JNU


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  1. You have posted a very good article about hyderabad Raoof saheb. Specially about the youth of Hyderabad in old city. May all bless you success in this world and hereafter.

  2. mr raoof
    i just read your blog.so i was wondering do you know any source who provide scholarships to students studying outside in proffesional courses(medicine).i would really appreciate if you can provide me with any info regarding this issue.

  3. As salam alkm
    Raoof saab this is Sayed Abdul Nayeem
    Your Room mate..while your studying graduation from Badruka.
    Its nice to see your blog and specially about Old City guys.
    I can say that you can say more about old city guys becuase u stayed in old city for long time and you have very good friends.
    Inshaallah we will keep in touch.
    my email address sayedabdulnayeem@gmail.com

  4. If you really want to spread awareness about the discrimination meted out the muslim youth in hyderabad then get your facts right and complete as you lack a lot of things. What i feel important is changing the mindset of the youth which says there is nothing for us in india and we have to go abroad. We have to get rid of this mind set and read the constituion of india, fight for your fundamental rights by knowing the legal procedure and prove it to the world that you have been left out and targetted because of your religion. How can we do it? I would suggest every educated individual who is working some where and earning something should take out some spare time to do Bachelors in LAW be it from and open university or what ever. Once you know your rights, legal system, court and judiciary no one can touch you. No can arrest you without a warrant. Even if they arrest you on the basis of suspicion they have present you in the court in 3 day or leave you. If there is unjustice in other things get the masses with you make them understand their rights, go and sit on dharnas infront of the government office when the police arrest people get them out instantly. Think this way mere going abroad will not change your life and future, when the people of other developed nations want to come hyderabad as there lot of options and potentials in hyderabad. So my dear fellow muslim brothers and sister please wake up instead of reading about any khan get the information which can help you and your fellow muslims. There are hell lot of jobs there in so many sectors, even bihari, up’s, assamese, nepalis are coming and working in hyderabad and sending money to their homes and after a year or 2 settling down here. Find out about the jobs and spread it in your localities encourage young kids to aim high and work hard. Dont be depended on anyone as there is a saying in urdu “Khud Dhoondo toh Khuda milta hai”. Be independent and help others be good to all that is the message of Islam. Never give up and never loose hope. “kyunki Naa Ummeedi Kufr hai” or Kufr karna bohot bada gunah hai.

    Thank you

    Note: These comment is not made to criticize, hurt anyone personally or religiously. It is just my opinion which can be read or ignored. Under the universal law of freedom of speech i have right to express my self. If any of my comments are not worth of reading, listening or following please ignore it or else think on my thoughts and get into action mere sayings will not do anything.

  5. I would like to congratulate Mr Raoof mir for taking out time and spreading information about My Beloved Old city of Hyderabad. But friends we need to do a lot of things. I am there for any type of consultation, counselling and advice for anyone in anything. I would love to share my knowledge, thoughts and insite on what ever little i know.

    Best regards

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