City of Two Tales

“If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin”. Hyderabad today is an embodiment of well-heeled city in terms of its representation in mainstream media. The rapid growth phase since last decade has placed Hyderabad among the apical cities of India .Hyderabad […]

Dhokha and being a muslim in india

If Kabir Khan in Shahrukh Khan starred Chak De India puts question mark on the loyalty of the Indian Muslims towards Indian nation, here is Zaid Ahmad Khan (ACP), a true, secular, modern Muslim struggling to prove his credentials of being a loyal citizen towards India. Mukesh Bhatt’s Muzammil Ibrahim starred ‘Dhokha’ or ‘Betrayal’ is […]

bollywood and kashmir reconsidered

Cinema is a fascinating subject but Indian cinema popularly known as Bollywood is more so because of the peculiar traits of the people who watch it. Bollywood goes deeply into the psyche of the younger generation of Kashmiri youth. Unlike rest of India Kashmir is not privileged with cinemas which after 1989 were burnt due […]

shrinking space for tongas in kashmir

Horse-drawn-cart or locally called tonga, the traditional vehicles are dwindling like the traditions and customs of valley itself. Spaces reserved for them across the towns and cities in Kashmir are invariably shrinking in the valley of Kashmir. From dawn to dusk these Tongawallas used to move, look for passengers and drop them to their destination. […]

Bakerwals of kashmir living on the edge

Bakerwals of Kashmir, Living On The edge. After spending harsh winter in their hometown Riyasi, nearly 2000 Bakerwals, hailing from Riyasi are sprinkled at 150 different places in district Anantnag in south of Indian Administered Kashmir. Dispersed in small groups, the Bakerwals have pitched their tents in deserted open fields aside of the inhabited villages. […]