Hyderabad Muslim youth – Enforced Ghettoization

http://www.countercurrents.org/mir020311.htm Currently I am working on a project related to the study of Hyderabad Muslim youth. In my experience of the interviews with more than 250 Muslim youth of Hyderabad, most of the Muslim youth see around them prevalent systemic discrimination. While reviewing the portrayal of Hyderabad Muslim youth in media and popular perceptions, I […]

The Resentment Persists in Kashmir

http://www.foreignpolicyjournal.com/2010/08/10/the-resentment-persists-in-kashmir/ Recently I was asked by one friend of mine who works as a reporter in a ‘reputed’ regional Telugu daily, the reasons for ‘gun culture’ and ‘stone pelting culture’ in the Indian administered Kashmir valley. “Why is it that people of Kashmir don’t peacefully complain about their problems to the government?” I replied to […]

Indian Bollywood and Muslim subject

Identity is performatively constituted by very expressions that are said to be its results- Judith Butler There is a proverb in Arabic “Al Tikrar Biallem il Hmar” (By repetition even the donkey learns). The depiction of Muslims by far and widely circulated media as ‘Cultural Other” has become a conventional and legitimized practice to engage […]